McMaster Energy Conference 

The McMaster Energy Conference is the culmination of Canada's first energy week at McMaster. The event will combine perspectives from industry, academia, government, communities, and students on the theme of building Canada's sustainable energy future. 

Get the opportunity to attend the following keynotes, panels, and workshops...

Keynote - Global Energy Trends and Energy Efficiency

Climate change is here and happening all around us. What are the global trends in mitigating climate change and how does energy efficiency play a role in this?

Keynote - How Modern Science and Solar Energy Influence Canadian Agriculture

What do the future of science, agriculture, and energy look like?

Panel - Canada's Renewable Energy Future and Pathways to Carbon Neutrality

Join the discussion on how recent Candian legislature and energy trends will impact the renewable energy future. This panel will feature professors and researchers from McMaster and industry professionals.

Panel - Energy Efficiency and Net Zero Energy Infrastructure in Canada

How do we better use existing infrastructure to manage our energy resources?

Workshop - Smart Nanogrids: Developing a Greenhouse Gas Analysis Tool

Analyze the generation and consumption of a home that is its own grid.

Panel - Blockchain for the Energy Sector: Hype or Real Solution?

Can blockchain disrupt the energy landscape? 

Panel - The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

A dialogue about using nuclear power in Canada and weighing the risks and rewards.